Student Mentors

SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentors are volunteers that mentor local high school and community college student-athletes, assist at fundraisers and events, as well as write articles pertaining to the pathway. Here’s a list of our current mentors.

Dash Oliver

Kayla Dickerson

Donovan Kimball

Terrence “TJ” Daniel

BriAnna Miller

Alyssa Boise

Taylor Hollis

Ian Hutchinson

Garvey Buchongo

Damion Rosby, Jr.

Jimmy Woodard

Juan Emanuel Morales

Ben Davis

Alex Foster

Dominic Revelez, Jr.

It is a goal of SportsHopes to have Student-Athlete Mentors available to guide local high school and community college student-athletes and assist at educational events and fundraisers. Each Mentor is required to assist a minimum of once a year in order to retain their status. Mentors must be local high school graduates who competed in varsity high school sports and are on pathway to move forward to a four-year college, are currently attending a four-year college, or have recently graduated from a four-year college. If you are between the ages of 17-26 and are interested in becoming a Student-Athlete Mentor please contact us!