Beautiful day today with SportsHopes Family at the Run to Play event held in Castro Valley. So much thanks to everyone for being there to share knowledge with community about the high school to college pathway for Student-Athletes! We welcome participating in events around the Bay Area! Thank you all (L-R): Florence Jones Valentine (SportsHopes Board Member), Sudan Buchongo (parent and youth advocate), Garvey Buchongo (new SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentor and Track & Field athlete Hercules High School – Class 2016), Alyssa Boisse (Founding Student-Athlete Mentor, CSU East Bay grad and corporate administrator), Daniel Wright (new SportsHopes Board Member and youth coach), Doris Allen (SportsHopes Board Member), Martina Jane-Ann Daniel (Volleyball Student-Athlete BIshop O’Dowd High School – Class 2016 – her older brother is a SportsHopes Mentor), Leah Kimball (parent and youth advocate), Bri Miller (SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentor, CSU Sacramento grad and corporate marketing specialist), Terry Daniel (parent and youth advocate), Michelle Daniel (parent and youth advocate), Donovan Kimball (new SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentor and Football athlete James Logan High School – Class of 2016) and Jennifer Oliver (SportsHopes Founder). All three of the high school student-athletes noted above are moving forward to college with opportunities in their sports, awesome job, so happy for you all!