This photo is of the PAC-12 Student-Athlete college graduates who were chosen by their colleges and the PAC-12 in June 2014 to work in paid six-month internships at the PAC-12 headquarters in San Francisco for the second half of that year. When SportsHopes helps kids to understand the importance of networking while in college and also the importance of working or volunteering part-time for their college (while in college), in their field of interest/passion, it’s because the experiences and connections made are important and can provide life-long career pathway opportunities and friendships. Some of the pictured Student-Athletes worked for their Athletics Departments as did the UC Berkeley “California” Student-Athlete, Dash Oliver, who is a Founding Student-Athlete Mentor for SportsHopes. It’s not easy going to college, working and participating in sports all at the same time but it is doable. Time management, determination, focus and making smart choices are key. It is up to you, you can do it, go get your future!